Hello! I am “The Vision Blogger”. I am a Lifestyle & Motivational Blogger, Writer, and Poet. Grab a seat. Come along for this ride as I tackle life with the goal of inspiring and motivating others to do the same for the next person. Continue on for more information on Who I Am and What I do.

About Me

Who I Am

Hi. My name is Ebony Miles, better known as, “The Vision Blogger”. I from Houston, Texas where I am a full-time county employee, single mother of three, and sole business owner of Vision Tees And Things.

After experiencing a tragedy, I felt my life was on a huge billboard for the world to see. I started blogging to allow a glimpse of what was behind the billboard.

I write about lessons I have learned on a day-to-day basis as a single Christian mother and entrepreneur as I balance ministry, working full time, and dating.

What I Do

Over the years, I have not only continued to showcase my life lessons, but I have found myself pushing VISION. For a long time, before now, I lost my hopes and dreams. After finding my voice and learning what Vision means to me, I now, can help others find their voice and/or help push their Visions. I do this through:

Vision Parties

Here I get a group of people together, young and old, to cut out pictures from magazines, newspapers, etc., and paste them onto a board for them to see daily. Not only will they see it, but we’ll work together to reach every goal on the board.

Events With Me

I am all about pushing and supporting other people’s Visions, ministries, and businesses. I will showcase my experiences through their events or even one-on-one interviews.

Poetry With Me

Like myself, I use writing as a tool to release feelings and emotions I may have from the day, week, month, or my entire life. I wanted to see those feelings and emotions from others and share them with the world. This page features work from published and unpublished poets and writers.

Recent Blog Posts

  • My Love Letter To My Valentine
    Dear Valentine, Yesterday you allowed me to see something that I did not understand until later on. It wasn’t something that I was looking for. It’s just something that came across my view. But what I saw kind of threw off my day. I became agitated, irritated, just pathetic. When I had finally gotten to … Continue reading My Love Letter To My Valentine
  • to begin, begin…
    Like many people in this world, I can be a little too hard on myself. How hard I am on my children to get stuff done and do things right, I am just as hard on myself if I don’t fully accomplish something or make mistakes. I know we’re all human and the way life … Continue reading to begin, begin…
  • Write the vision, make it plain
    I am always learning about vision. Read about what I encountered through a conversation with my daughter.

Join The Fun!!!

If you would like to submit your own piece of writing or poetry to be featured here or if you’re looking for a host for your upcoming Vision Party, feel free to complete the contact form below this page.

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  1. Listen honey you are doing a PHENOMENAL WORK! I’m just happy to see God’s hand at work and honered to be apart. Love ya.

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